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Kitefoil Plane - F-One Escape HM Carbon

Kitefoil Plane - F-One Escape HM Carbon

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The ESCAPE HM CARBON foils are nothing short of masterpieces of hydrodynamic refinement and composite craftsmanship.

Designed to foil at high speeds with full control no matter the conditions, these foils will lead to incredible performances. In light or strong winds and whether kite foiling or wing foiling, the ESCAPE HM CARBON foil is a playful, nimble, and enjoyable hydrofoil that delivers an amazing glide with a terrific speed potential and utmost control.

This finessed foil is incredible for kite foil riders looking for speed, but it also delivers powerful sensations while carving.

  • Aspect Ratio: 6
  • Amazing glide and speed
  • Control at high speed
  • Unmatched rigidity
  • Full Monobloc carbon construction


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