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Complete Foil - Core Spectrum

Complete Foil - Core Spectrum

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Mast Size
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The Spectrum gives the gift of perfect lift with balance and control, helping you explore the terrain and your abilities every session. Whether you want to ride in chop, waves or flat water, the predictable behavior, even in the most difficult conditions or turbulent sections, ensures you'll be soaring the playground further, faster and for longer.


950cm² - Freestyle / Wave / High Speed​​​​

1250​cm² - Freestyle / Mid Wave / Freeride​​​

1550cm² - Small Wave / Freeride​​​​​

1850​cm² - Freeride / Progression​​​​​

2150​cm² - Progression / Learning​

What's included :

Mast / Front Wing / Stabilizer / Fuselage / Mastbase / Screws and Hardware

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