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Twin Tip - 2019 F-One Trax ESL

Twin Tip - 2019 F-One Trax ESL

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The TRAX ESL is all about having fun on the water. This board is based on the legendary TRAX heritage and implements some of the latest thinking developed to offer a unique blend of comfort, performance and ease of use.

- The rocker line is split into three distinct stages with a flatter section in the center, which is crucial to achieving an excellent upwind angle and great tracking on the water.

- Double concave bottom shape providing first-class grip and control to the board, but the double concave is the main driver behind the overall comfort of the board and its stability at all times.

    On the water, the board impresses by how smooth it is to ride. Everything feels natural and totally intuitive. A perfect blend of glide, solid pop and smooth landings characterize this well-balanced shape.
    All versions come equipped with our UNIBox 50m fins, which offer better speed and improved glide thanks to their thinner profile.
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