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Rocket Wing V4 Wingboard

Rocket Wing V4 Wingboard

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Rocket Wing 


With a new shape leading to incredible stability, great pitch balance, as well as easy and fast
take-offs, the ROCKET WING is the perfect wing foil board choice. Specifically designed to
meet the needs of this sport, this board is durable, user-friendly, and extremely intuitive.

• New shape for superior balance and easier take-offs
• Optimized volume distribution for more stability
• Beveled rails and double concave for effortless take offs and touchdown
• Intuitive and performant

With its excellent stability from side to side, smooth transition into flight, and very efficient pumping, the ROCKET WING delivers the most intuitive wing foil experience.
In flight, the board benefits from optimized pitch balance through the enhanced hull’s angle. At low speeds, it is super stable and doesn’t nosedive nor decelerates abruptly during touchdowns. Take-offs are very efficient thanks to improved acceleration for easy planing starts.

These new ROCKET WING boards have been improved in virtually all areas. For the same
length, they now pack a lot more volume, which will allow you to have a smaller board for the same volume, or a more stable, larger board for the same length.

The domed nose adds volume at the front for easy and steady water starts while the
recessed deck brings you closer to the foil to always stay in control. The outline and short length make the board maneuverable with great rail to rail abilities, and easy to rotate around.

The outline of the tail and the nose have been redesigned and streamlined for greater
stability, while the rocker, more pronounced on the nose, helps with better attitude in-flight and early planing with faster accelerations.

The sharp beveled rail profile and double concave hull shape will help you be up and flying in no time, and you won’t be unsettled when occasionally hitting the water or during touchdown.

The hull also features a pronounced step near the tail, which helps reduce friction for
improved take-off and lowers deceleration during touchdowns.

The size range has been expanded and redefined. The wide variety of volumes will
undoubtedly suit just about every rider out there.

• The 4’4, 4’6 and 4’8 are highly maneuverable, making them great for advanced riders
looking for performance and sensations in strong winds. These are also perfectly
adapted for freestyle, as well as for small or lighter riders. They come with a full pad,
inserts for three footstraps, and the Twin-Tracks system for foil compatibility.

• The 5’0, 5’3, and 5’5 are truly the all-purpose sizes. They are a great fit for riders with
an intermediate level, or for wing foil beginners who already have some knowledge
and training in other foil disciplines. Their maneuverability and carving potential are
fantastic. Pumping is easy even in light conditions, and they grant the riders a lot of
room for improvement. They are equipped with a full pad, a bottom handle to easily
carry your board to and from the water, inserts for three footstraps, and the Twin-
Tracks system for foil compatibility.

• The 5’10 and 6’2 will inspire confidence and are ideal for beginners. Their higher
volume will lead to easier take-offs, incredible stability, and formidable sensations
right from the start. They are also perfectly adapted for heavier riders, or for anybody
looking to navigate in low-wind conditions. These come with full pad, a bottom handle
to easily carry your board to and from the water, inserts for three footstraps, and the
Twin-Tracks system for foil compatibility.

Built with a bamboo construction as well as bamboo reinforcements on the deck, these
durable ROCKET WING are the perfect boards for progressing through the sport and will
ensure you make the best use of your wing and foil.