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Mitu Pro Bamboo Foilboard

Mitu Pro Bamboo Foilboard

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MITU Pro Bamboo Foil


The MITU PRO BAMBOO FOIL offers the fantastic MITU shape in a simple package using the excellent properties of natural bamboo for a light, responsive and durable board. It is equipped with Twin-Tracks to mount any foil on the board and experience the thrill of kite foiling.

  • Super agile and reactive outline
  • Fun kite foil board
  • Easy speed, light, playful
  • Amazing chop handling

With the compact outline, the single concave remains the DNA of the MITU PRO models. Its unique shape helps the board start planing early, accelerate in an instant, and brings stability and predictability in all conditions.

The shape of the MITU PRO BAMBOO FOIL has been improved overtime with lateral flat sections on the bottom, as well as a flat section on the bottom between your front and back foot. The rocker line allows a better edge control and an overall improved feeling.

The distinct swallow tail makes it very smooth to initiate turns and easy to carve with. Volume, stability, and float are perfectly balanced for a board that surfs better than ever before.

With the addition of Twin-Tracks, the MITU PRO BAMBOO FOIL is a fantastic two in one board.

The Full Bamboo construction uses natural properties of bamboo veneers placed between layers of glass fibers to create a strong, durable, and light shell for the entire board (deck and bottom). The MITU PRO BAMBOO FOIL is built with a full bamboo layer on the bottom and two on the deck as extra reinforcement for durability.

This range features three sizes: 5’6, 5’8 and 5’10. Their specific outline allows all riders to make the most of the wave’s energy and offers amazing planing ability and general stability whilst being great for kite foiling.

All sizes are equipped with a tail pad, foot straps inserts, as well as some deck inserts in the ideal location for a V-strap setup at the front to get the most out of your foiling. The boards also come with a fin set of Futures F4 437 Thruster. Adding a middle and front pad is possible as an option.



Volume (L)

Weight (kg)*

Equipped with

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167 x 46.5 x 5.5 cm

5’6 x 18.3″ x 2.2″



Leash Plug +Twin Tracks +

Inserts for 3x foot straps

Tail pad

Front pad + Fins


172 x 47 x 5.6 cm

5’8 x 18.5″ x 2.2″



Leash Plug + Twin Tracks +

Inserts for 3x foot straps

Tail pad

Front pad + Fins


177 x 48.5 x 5.7 cm

5’10 x 19.1″ x 2.2″



Leash Plug + Twin Tracks +

Inserts for 3x foot straps

Tail pad

Front pad + Fins