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Link Harness

Link Harness

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Rider, meet The CORE LINK. Created to enhance your riding experience with a perfect blend of freedom and support. Unlike rigid hardshell harnesses, the LINK provides optimal balance with its flexible design, allowing easy movement while maintaining stability.

Comfort and function are taking the center stage. Its soft inner padding ensures a high level of comfort, while the anti-slip profile prevents it from slipping up. The LINK can be combined with two spreaderbars, the classic hook and the rope spreaderbar, which is particularly popular with wave kiters and foilers. Both versions have an EVA foam pad that effectively protects the rib cage against pressure even in radical maneuvers. The harness is hooked on both sides to the spreaderbar via the stainless-steel clasp and tightened via webbing. For optimal safety the LINK features a safety snap preventing unintentional unhooking.

Overall, a highly universal harness suitable for all riders, all body types, and all disciplines.

Key Features

FLEX SHELL: Lightweight, elastic polyamide back shell for flexible back support with plenty of freedom of movement

MEMORY FOAM: Comfortable viscoelastic foam padding for supremely soft and pleasurable wearing experience

LUMBAR PAD: Thermoformed EVA pad with anti-slip profile reduces the harness from slipping up

WAIST BELT: Elastic belt with velcro fastener keeps the harness on the body

ROPE HANDLE: Sheathed Dyneema leash as a handle, as well as for optional attachment of the safety leash

SAFETY KNIFE: stored in the waist belt to ensure your safety in critical situations

DYNEEMA ROPE: The tear-resistant double-layer construction features an anti-friction coating and a core rope in a vibrant yellow safety color

CLOSURE BUCKLES: The solid stainless steel buckle securely hooks into the claw attachment on the spreaderbar

BUCKLE LOCK: A safety latch effectively locks the closure buckle to prevent unintended opening

TIGHTENING LOOPS: These closed loops enable quick and easy tightening

ELASTIC COVER: The elastic cover neatly stows loose webbings

SPREADERBARS: The hook and rope spreaderbars are available separately, allowing for quick and convenient exchange

Sizes *
incl. size recommendation for waist circumference (depending on physique, personal preferences and spreaderbar width)

XS (ca. 70cm - 85cm, ca. 27.6 Inches - 33.5 Inches)
S (ca. 77cm - 91cm, ca. 30.3 Inches - 35.8 Inches)
M (ca. 83cm - 97cm, ca. 32.7 Inches - 38.2 Inches)
L (ca. 89cm - 103cm, ca. 35.0 Inches - 40.6 Inches)
XL (ca. 95cm - 110cm, ca. 37.4 Inches - 43.3 Inches)