Welcome to Sealand Sports Kiteschool! Whether it’s just starting out on the water for the first time, or freshening up on your technique; our instructors are ready to take on whatever your needs may be! All of our instructors are PASA and First-Aid certified, and have been on the water kiting in Sullivan’s Island for over 20 years.

The world of kiting has seen a huge takeoff in recent years, especially on Sullivan's Island and station 28.5. We’re excited to get you up and out of the water in a safe, fun, and positive environment and begin your journey in kitesurfing.

All of our lessons are broken up into 3 hour sessions, to be sure that you get the most of your time on the water.

To read more about the sport of kiteboarding, click on our Intro to Kiteboarding article here.

*Maximum number of students is 3. There is no age limit but the weight limit is 85+ pounds to ensure the safety of the rider.

*Weather, wind patterns and tide times play a huge in our scheduling process. Please note that all reservations are not final and are subject to change due to the safety of our customers.

3 Hr Intro Class / $300

The perfect lesson for you if you are looking for a first feeling with kitesurfing. Putting your feet in the water, and getting familiar with the basics is a great first start on your adventure into the kiteboarding world.

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6 Hr Package Class / $550

Our student’s favorite class and one of the best ways to get comfortable on the water. By the end of this lesson you should have all the basic fundamentals and safety instructions. We aim to get you up and out of the water for your first ride on the board by the end of your second lesson.

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8 Hr Master Class / $725

A complete and full understanding of all the basics you need to enter the world of kitesurfing. In this lesson we aim to help you gain the skills and confidence to be a solo rider, at the best bang for your buck.

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3 Hr Intro Group Lesson ($400 group of two, $475 group of three)

Vacationing in Charleston with family & friends, or just want to try something new? Our group class allows friends and family to enjoy the fun together, and enter the sport of kiting in a perfect introductory course. 

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2hr Private $300 per person

1 Instructor for 1 Student

Follow the brand new trend ! We have the best gear to get you started on this amazing sport. You will get to understand more about wind knowledge, how to handle the wing and time on the water trying to get on the board and ride !

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3 Hr Private Class / 500 $

Ahhh just you, the sea, a kite and instructor. Perfect for someone who wants the most hands on and intricate lesson we offer.

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