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Era Twintip

Era Twintip

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Any level. All the fun.



A board that sets the bar for innovation and sustainability. Crafted for the thrill of free riding, it's engineered to transform your first rides into unforgettable experiences and unlock advanced moves effortlessly. The Era was crafted for riders of all kinds.
With progression at its core, this board is your ticket to pushing boundaries with confidence and style.

Smooth rides guaranteed
Chop, flat, you name it. With a strikingly wide keel, this board achieves a pleasantly smooth ride. The curved channels give the board an extremely good glide and great upwind characteristics. With its parabolic outline, splashing water is effectively reduced and playful carving properties are achieved.
The heart of the Era lies in its Paulownia wood core, cocooned within innovative and sustainable basalt fabric. This unique fabric not only provides exceptional cushioning but also ensures remarkable take-off performance. Crafted from natural volcanic rock, basalt undergoes a high temperature melting process to create continuous textile fibers.

This method consumes less energy and emits much less CO2 compared to glass and carbon fibers. Paired with our Greenpoxy® resin, boasting a 35 percent plant-based composition, the Era marks a breakthrough in eco-friendly board design.

Key Features:
BASALT FABRIC: naturally efficient, durable and powerful
PAULOWNIA LIGHT: lightweight wood core with high strength
GREENPOXY®: composed of 35 percent plant-based molecules
SLIM OUTLINE: smooth running and plenty of grip
CHANNELED MULTI-CONCAVE: effortless upwind glide
VOLUMINOUS CENTER KEEL: low water resistance
DOME DECK: sporty ride and massive pop
VEE ROCKER: speed on demand
EQ FIN SET (48MM): plenty of grip and agility

Optional accessories
REVO HANDLE: upwind in the blink of an eye
UNION COMFORT PADS & STRAPS: High comfort and strong hold

134x40 – 136x40.5 – 138x41 – 142x42 – 146x44 – 152x48