-USED ON SALE-Core Xlight 7m Foil in White/Black

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Lightly Used Core Xlight 7.0 foil in white/black.

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The best of both worlds: Of CORE's Specialized Series, the XLITE is based on a one-strut design, engineered to work optimally with a foil. "This kite combines the powerful character of the Nexus with the unbeatable drifting ability of the Section and also trumps with a weight saving of over 20 percent," says CORE CEO Philip Schinnagel about the qualities of the XLITE.

New Lightness: To combine a uniquely low weight with maximum performance, numerous design innovations and new materials are used. "Our CoreTex cloth guarantees the required power and profile stability. Aspects that play a central role especially in one-strut designs," explains CORE's chief developer Frank Ilfrich. The new ExoTex Light is used for strut and front tube. "Robust like our proven ExoTex Dacron, but more than ten percent lighter," Ilfrich adds. Equipped with extra thin lines, the bridle is particularly short and is attached to the front tube with loops instead of knots to prevent it from snagging during water launching. The result is a powerful, robust kite that is over 20 percent lighter than conventional designs.

Agility and comfort: Ambitious foilers will be fascinated by the responsive character and the light flight feeling. The XLITE performs its turns in well-balanced round flight curves with linear power development. Air jibes are guaranteed to be a pleasure. Beginners and intermediates will appreciate the XLITE's reverse launch capability. Whether you're flat water freeriding on Lake Garda, surfing the waves of Mauritius, or freestyling on the North Sea, the XLITE will take your foiling experience to the next level.

Special bar for the specialist: The XLITE has been optimized and tuned for the Sensor 2S bar system. However, the weight of standard lines can be noticeable in the performance of lightweight foil kites. "Especially for the XLITE, we have therefore developed the ultra-light Sensor 2S Pro Foilbar, which is perfectly tuned to this kite. It features a shorter bar spar (39/45cm) and especially thin lines. These reduce the air resistance, improve the steering and allow an easier waterstart in light wind conditions", Frank Ilfrich describes the special features of the new special bar for foil enthusiasts. At the same time, the Sensor 2S Pro Foilbar impresses with numerous options for line length. It comes with 22 meters of Tectanium Vario lines (16m+4m+2m), which have a breaking load of 300+ kilograms. Furthermore, the scope of delivery includes an additional line extension of three meters, which means that 25 meters of line length are also available for absolute light wind use. Sensor 2S Pro Foil: Compromises were yesterday!


  • EXOTEX® LIGHT ULTRA RIGID DACRON: just as tough as ExoTex, but significantly lighter

  • CORETEX® TRIPLE RIPSTOP CANOPY: triple tear-protected flying sling

  • ONE STRUT LIGHT FRAME: even lighter weight, best control in light winds

  • LW PROFILE: outstanding balance in drift and playful turning pleasure in turns and loops

  • FUTURE-C SHAPE: Kite feeling at its best, direct and precise

  • CIT MODES: Adjust bar forces and reactivity individually

  • ULTRASHORT BRIDLE SYSTEM: even more direct response to control commands

  • INSTANT RELAUNCH: effortless water starts, even in light winds

  • SPEED VALVE 2: easier and faster inflation and deflation

  • SPEED PUMP SYSTEM: lightning fast inflation

  • SENSOR BAR READY: optimal tuning of kite and bar system