Twig Pro Model

Twig Pro Model


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It is a very versatile board that can be used in many different wave conditions. The fuller outline under the chest provides an easy paddling and a fast take-off, which help while foiling too. Its rocker makes you feel confident when the wave gets steeper and eases manoeuvers in the critical part. The lower rails and square-tail allow tight turns and a good control in the barrel. Its bamboo construction offers an excellent weight/flex/durability ratio.

Available in 5’8’’ (30 L), & 6’2’’ (36 L), it is equipped with a thruster fin setup, the board also features a track system on the bottom to plug any foil equipped with a 4-bolt top plate.

Whether you are a traveler looking to minimize his quiver or whether you are trying to save a little money by buying one board instead of two or if you simply prefer to foil with the familiar feel from a surfboard, the TWIG Pro model is the ideal board for its convenience and versatility.