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Just The Tips 8'6 Longboard

Just The Tips 8'6 Longboard

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Just The Tip is the most user friendly nose rider we make. If you want to spend time on the front half of your longboard, then you'll want this board. We consider this the easiest longboard to advance your skills in nose riding. The wide nose offers a great platform for maintaining balance when you're on the front half of the board, which is why riding the Just The Tip will get you into waves much earlier than everyone else. We've added a spoon in the nose to aid in hang tens, cheater 5's, heel hangs, and any sort of variation your creativity can think of preforming. Just The Tip is the hero of nose riding, you can enjoy this board in mushy to clean conditions. The outline aids in stability and lets you test your limits. 50/50 rails won't catch in the water, allowing for smooth transitions in your cross-step. The bottom center of the board features a rolled bottom which is super stable once your're standing and allows you to work your way to the tip. We suggest this board for any surfer in the beginner to intermediate phase who's looking to get up to the nose and stay there or any surfer who wants a single longboard for most conditions.


8'6 x 22 1/2" x 3 1/4"

Build: PU Gloss

Top: 6oz+6oz+6oz over front 2/3 of deck

Bottom: 6oz+6oz+ extra 6oz on fins area