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Surfboard - Core Green Room

Surfboard - Core Green Room

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Core build the Green Room 2 for big wave hunters like you. This stick is fast, agile, and ready to attack the legendary surf spots. Even the North Shore and Nazaré, if you dare. We fine-tune the rails, foil, and rocker for exceptional speed and agility on steep wave faces. It’s noticeably narrow in width and low in volume to manage bigger, faster swells and more wind. Its rounded pintail design creates less lift and more bite on steep faces. Grab a Green Room 2 and ride with newfound fearlessness.


Lots! Core proven shape gets a new stringer-less, hexagon construction that's tougher and lighter than ever. It starts with high-density EPS foam that’s topped with a recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) hexagon and E-Glass sandwich. The hexagon foam features channels that link the top and bottom glass layers making it super strong and durable. Heel dents are considerably reduced. That’s progress.

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