Surestance Pro Footpad


If you’re looking for comfort and control, look no further than the Surestance Pro line. The original Suretance Pro Back Footpad offers aggressive concave for lots of leverage and a bit of kicktail to keep you locked in. The net effect is deeper carves, a more comfortable ride and enhanced board feel. Let’s put it this way, our test riders who got to check out the Surestance Pro Footpad line now refuse to ride anything else… Do yourself a favor and get yourself a pair. 

Kicktail 17mm - Low 
Concave: 15mm - mid


For more Surestance Pro options check out the Surestance Pro Fusion and Surestance Pro Max. 

Compatible with all Onewheels (Onewheel Original requires Onewheel+ Bumpers) Only back footpad included 

Collections: Everything, OneWheel

Category: Accessories

Type: Accessories