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Hawaiian Classic!  NOW 2 POCKETS!

Hawaiian board short Classic Best seller! 'Octo Tako'. 100% soft, strong triple stitched twill microfiber. SUPER BUILT! 2 large cargo pockets/ key string. Embroidered octopus and Logos, 22" Outseam. surf, skate, sup, fish, shop, lounge or build a house in these strong built boardshorts. Never a busted seam. Sizes to size 50! Maui Rippers™  Many people say these are the best board shorts ever!  100% satisfaction guarantee! 

The Octopus embroidery is from an original Gyotaku fish print by our friend Carrrie Brady at

 Our unique boardshorts are not just for surf and swim, they are very commonly worn as walkshorts or casual wear. Comfortable and built strong to last.

PERFECT FOR AN ANY LIFESTYLE: Surf. Swim. Repeat. Our casual camouflage swimwear is just what you need for a day of action in the water or on the beach. These shorts are designed with athletic males like you in mind and are built to last. They come with strong construction, a reinforced waistband, and a triple stitch throughout. Get ready for summer!

PRACTICAL FEATURES: Hate going out without your phone, wallet, and keys? This swimsuit allows you to take all these items with you and keep them on your person in 2 convenient cargo pockets with hook-and-loop closures. These pockets come with a key string, so you can rest assured that your items will be secure, no matter if you are running, walking, or playing volleyball on the beach.

INTRICATE DETAIL: The black-, green-, and tan-colored camo pattern has made this stylish, classic Hawaiian suit design a favorite among men for 16 years. At Maui Rippers, we know that small details make all the difference, which is why we have carefully sewn each panel by hand and embellished these shorts with some sleek piping, our suave logo, and an intricately embroidered octopus adornment.

EASY TO CARE FOR: Laundry is enough of a pain without specific clothes having their own separate washing instructions. These swimsuits are simple to care for since they have quick-dry technology. They are made of machine-washable, fast-drying fabric that you can throw in the wash with a normal load. The fabric is low maintenance, which means less work for you.

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