Linx Bar - V1 - Discounted


Size Guide


  • Adjustable bar length
  • One line flag out system
  • Manual swivel to untwist your front lines
  • Only one bar for BANDIT, BREEZE, FURTIVE & TRUST (4 x Lines)
  • WTF bar is 5 x Lines for WTF Kite
  • New lines 30% less elastic: kite steering more precise and more durability
  • Available in three sizes:
  • 4 lines: 52/45 cm – 45/38 cm
  • 5 lines: 35/42cm

What’s new?


  • New stiffer lines
  • New Hub and ClamCleat construction for more lightness
  • Harmonized color design
  • 3 leash sizes available: 40cm, 75cm (default for 4 x Lines) , 140cm (default for 5 x Lines)


The LINX Bar is since our new control system. Available in two sizes: 52/45 and 45/38cm for the 4 lines bar and 35/42 for the 5 x lines freestyle bar. It allows you to choose the perfect bar for your quiver. The integrated floats house the mechanism to adjust the size of your bar.


For this 2019 edition, we have improved it and added some great features to create the best connection to your kite.


The new lines are less elastic: they stretch 30% less than the previous ones, which makes kite steering more precise. Moreover, elongation through time is reduced which allows to ride with a kite always perfectly tuned. In addition, as the lines are stiffer it makes them easier to untangle whilst setting up the kite.


The Hub is now made of aluminium and the ClamCleat is hollowed, which allows to have lighter parts for an even more performing bar. Finally the central neoprene float colors as well as the release handle have been harmonized with the rest of the bar to create a neat Linx Bar.

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