Kiteboarding Lesson

$ 300.00

Kiteboard Lessons:

Kiteboarding in Charleston? If you ever thought of picking up the sport of Kiteboarding, we highly recommend you to take a lesson from a Certified Instructor who will teach you all you need to be safe starting out and progress in your riding the right way! Here in Sullivan's Island the kiteboarding craze is high, so don't miss out! Get your lessons in and start shredding!

How to sign up:

Purchasing Online:  Once you select the package you want, simply checkout and leave any notes you may want us to know. For example, if you are only available certain days let us know for scheduling. 

Lessons Packages:


This is a private one on one session that is a 2 hour session. This is for students who have experience and need help with certain aspects such as transitioning, land starts/landings etc. 

3 Hour:

This lesson package will teach you how a kite works, about all the gear, kite safety, kite control. First 30 minutes will be held at the shop to teach about wind speed, direction, and most importantly, safety. Then we head to the beach and show you how to set up your gear, and how to control that kite! You will not get your PASA certification after completing this lesson package. This package is not recommended for beginners.

6 Hour:

This lesson package will be sure to get you up and going by the end of the total 6 hours. This package is split into two days each 3 hours long. The first day covers the same as the 3 hour lesson, safety, knowing your gear, wind, and kite control. The 2nd 3 hour day consists of resuming where you left off from the first lesson, and eventually getting you into the water. You will learn how to launch on your board and get going! We will get you experience with kiteboarding out on the water and what to do in certain scenarios. By the end of these lesson, you should feel comfortable with kiteboarding and going out on your own and practice! Sometimes students will feel they would like more practice with an instructor. If you feel you will want more practice with an instructor feel free to take a look at our 8 hour lesson package. After your 6 hours, ask the instructor about registering for PASA certification. If the instructor feels you meet credentials for PASA then they can help you get registered. More information n PASA blelow.

8 Hour:

This lesson package is split up in two 3 hour lessons, and a final 2 hour private one-on-one lesson with the instructor. The extra private 2 hours will help you get more and faster experience. This allows you to have the instructor go through specific things you may have trouble with, or it can just be for you to get tips and tricks on how to get better, quicker!  

What You Will Accomplish Doing a Lesson With Us:

The end result will be that you now know the basic of kiteboarding. Secondly you will understand when the conditions are the right ones for kiteboarding, such as, the wind directions and speeds, weather, and so on. You will have the required knowledge on kiteboard safety and what to do and not to do while you are kiting. Lastly, knowing your gear. After our lessons you will be ready to get your own gear and start your new passion!

Instructor Info (PASA):

All of our instructors are PASA certified. What does this mean? This means that all of our instructors have been taught not only HOW to kiteboard but more importantly how to TEACH it. So upon taking a lesson from us you will be provided with the best possible kiteboard teachers around, giving you the most out of your lesson.


All of our Kiteboarding Lessons are with a Certified PASA Instructor.

Will a PASA Certification Help?

Yes, it will. Having your PASA Certification lets others know that you have been taught all of the necessary information needed to kiteboard properly and safely. For more information on PASA and getting you Certification visit the link below.

All necessary kiteboarding equipment is included in our kite lessons, except for wetsuits in the winter. Our kiting schedule is flexible and totally dependent on the weather. Call us at 843-330-8156 for more information!
Kitesurfing lessons are wind and tide dependent and will be scheduled around the correct wind and tide conditions. If your lesson has to be rescheduled, or stopped early, any lesson time already paid for will roll over to another lesson.