Learn how to shred some gnarly waves with kiteboarding lessons in Charleston, SC
Tailslide to Valhalla with kiteboarding lessons on famous Sullivan's Island, SC
Catch the biggest airs, soar through the heavens like a cherub, with kiteboarding lessons in beautiful Charleston, SC

Kiteboarding Lesson

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All of our Kiteboarding Lessons are with a Certified PASA Instructor.

Kiteboarding in Charleston? If you ever thought of picking up the sport of Kiteboarding, we highly recommend you to take a lesson from a Certified Instructor who will teach you all you need to be safe starting out and progress in your riding the right way! Here in Sullivan's Island the kiteboarding craze is high, so don't miss out! Get your lessons in and start shredding!


Upon online purchase of a kite lesson, we can mail a certificate at your request. All necessary kiteboarding equipment is included in our kite lessons, except for wetsuits in the winter. Our kiting schedule is flexible and totally dependent on the weather. Call us at 843-330-8156 for more information!

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