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SLC Front Wing

SLC Front Wing

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Our global team of highly experienced foilers designed a confidence-inspiring shape that delivers balanced control and predictable behavior over a wide range of water conditions from flat water to beach surf. Slow or fast. Flatwater or bubbly beach break. New or experienced. Foil better with the SLC Wing.

Outline : Our wing features a seaweed shedding and self-stabilizing swept-back shape. The reduced area tips and concave trailing edge outline add a little speed.

Aerofoil : A smooth leading edge promotes a wider range of attack angles, less stalling, and better navigation through turbulence. The symmetric airfoil reflex provides linear lift and flight stability.

Wing Curve : An anhedral wing root (downward curvature) improves stability. This curvature is flattened towards the tips to improve breaching performance and minimize ventilation when a tip comes out of the water. Maintaining your track is easier than ever.

Build : The wing features a stress optimized carbon layup over a PU core that minimizes bending at the wing root while allowing the tips to twist. A little wingtip flex reduces resistance and improves your flying experience.