F-One Touring


The F-ONE TOURING collection elegantly combines high performances with versatility and aesthetics.


Inspired from the racing world, we updated the shape to our totally new All Water models which are designed to perform in all kind of conditions: flat, ocean or even across a beach break… They are developed using numerous criteria such as speed on flat or choppy water, cross wind stability, ability to catch the bumps downwind, directional control… With a truly up-range performance level, they also remain really accessible and stable and will even let you surf proper waves.


Their construction features a bamboo deck with marquetry work and vacuum laminated bottom reinforcements to reach an exceptional strength to weight ratio. The TOURING range offers two sizes at 11’6 and 12’6”. Their new shapes with fine bow merging into a flat bottom in the front sections with a balanced volume distribution leading to a better efficiency on the water, just as for the RACE Pro range. The back of the board offers a wider tail with added volume that increases stability, without sacrificing any performances or versatility. They offer a surprising feeling of glide.


Everything has been crafted to make your paddling session as enjoyable as possible.