2018 Core XR5

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Core XR5 


Meet the new XR5 and experience the latest iteration in CORE performance. The kind of performance only achieved after a decade of incremental and innovative improvements. A process that thoroughly tests each iterative design change while retaining its character-defining DNA before moving on to the next. And in the end, building a power delta bow kite that unleashes pure freeride awesomeness. 

As a member of the Universal+ series of kites, the XR5 is designed to perform in all conditions and disciplines. Like the gusty conditions typically found on big inland lakes. Or fast oceanfront beach breaks. A Universal+ Series kite is also designed to excel in one area, and for the XR5, it’s power freeriding, a catch-all that includes huuuge airtime and hooked-in freestyle mastery. 

You’ll find the 5th generation XR delivers linear control in the gusts and power in the lulls for relaxed cruising, explosive boosts, and sublime wave riding. But don’t take our word, though, and decide for yourself. Experience the XR5’s chameleon-like ability to transform to any riding style. 

How can we build a high-performance allrounder? With technological innovations like our flight control system, our unique safeties, and our intelligent trim system. Like a bird that spreads its wings to generate more lift, Intelligent Arc increases the XR5's wingspan with a simple pull on the bar. Likewise, when sheeting out the bar, the XR5 will fold in its’ wings and depower. It's this kind of innovation that exemplifies the design team’s drive to create the perfect allround kite. 


The XR5 is fully compatible with the Sensor 2 and Sensor 2S bar system: Sensor 2, Sensor 2+, Sensor Pro, Sensor 2S und Sensor 2S Pro