CORE Sensor 2S Pro Bar


Size Guide
The Sensor 2S Pro bar is the cream of the crop. It is the same weight as the Sensor 2S but the super rigid Tectanium line set and carbon bar give you the most solid feel of any bar on the market. With the Pro bar you have the most direct feel of your kite and you will have no lag in steering. We often get asked if the extra money for the Pro bar is worth it and the answer is 100% YES! Your kites will fly better and you will thank us for it.

Once you use a Sensor 2S Pro bar you will think all other bars pale in comparison. At first glance this bar looks like most other 4-line bars on the market. Upon further inspection, you recognize that everything on this bar is totally different and really high tech. Most importantly the Sensor 2S Pro is tough as nails and the safety system always works.

Core Sensor 2S Tech Specs:
-Lightest control bar on the market at 1.95 lbs
-Carbon/Titanium bar construction
-24m adjustable Tectanium line. Adjustable to 24m, 22m, 20m and 18m.
-Equal line lengths so this bar can be flown with any 4 line kite
-Kook proof pig tails
-47cm-52cm Adjustable bar end
-Adjustable outside line length hidden under floats
-Rotor quick release
-Plastic coated Tectanium center line
-Ceramic auto untwist center line swivel
-Bungee depower line
-Supported center flagging line safety
-Short safety leash included
-Bar bag

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Type: Kite Bar

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