2016 Manera Exo Harness

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2016 Manera Exo Harness

When we launched the EXO harness two years ago, our close collaboration with a

human Kinetics science laboratory gave us a new approach of this product and resulted in a technological breakthrough compared to what existed on the market.
For 2016 we have continued to work on the same technologies to bring them to aneven higher level. Changes were made in both the structure and the materials,improving both comfort & durability on the EXO.

The look & durability of a harness are very important aspects and we wanted to improve both of them.
Our design team has been looking for the best possible materials in terms oflookcolors and durability, including RIP STOPS, PU, 600D, SOFT TOUCH and PREMIUM NEOPRENE, all chosen to match well together and all tested to resist to the most extreme conditions.

This materials research makes the harness look sophisticated and modern, far away from the regular EVA thermoform you can find on the market. Plus, the EXO harness is now stronger and more resistant than ever.