2015 Manera Exo Harness

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Manera Exo Harness


After 3 years of development, countless hours on the water and a tight collaboration with the Human Kinetics Science Laboratory (make sure to read the part that explains the Energy Dispersion Frame), we are proud to present you the MANERA EXO harness, the NEXT GENERATION of harnesses.

NEW FOR 2015

  • Nest Foam : This new foam lines the entire interior volume of the harness that comes in contact with the body of the rider and provides better cushion under tension with optimum comfort

  • Most comfortable harness on the market with its unique Energy Dispersion Frame technology.

  • 2015 EXO gains in comfort with new NEXT foam , softer and colored neoprene (same neoprene than on wetsuits)


  • EDF (Energy Dispersion Frame) : Directly connected to the spreader bar through the webbing and buckles, the EDF receives 100% of the kite power and distribute the load over a much wider area than other harnesses
  • Cocoon Concept: Placing the frame outside allows to place  all the foam layers between your back and the frame to maximize the comfort (other brands have straps, plates and other parts sandwiched inside the harness between 2 layers of foam)
  • Ergonomic Prefit: EXO is pre-formed to fit the natural curves of the back
  • Seamless Neoprene Area: No seams and double foam layer on hips areas to avoid frictions
  • Down Hold System: New spreader bar has been designed to distribute forces downwardly
  • Tuck Flap: 2 flaps on each side of the harness helps the Down Hold System to lock the spreader bar in the proper position
  • Leash release: Quick leash release system for both left and right handers. This quick release is unique in the way it will work under heavy load


  • EXO is available in 6 colors (RED, GREEN, BLUE, PINK, BLACK AND WHITE)
  • EXO is available in 9 sizes from XS to XXL, with TALL options in Sizes M-L-XL for taller riders or riders who prefer to have a bigger back support. All harnesses are equipped with a specific spreader bar size. You can order extra bars with different length, including a KID version 18cm. Also optional is a knife