Modela 26 Complete
Modela 26 Complete
Modela 26 Complete

Modela 26 Complete

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Modela 26 Series

Everything about our popular Modela deck, shrunk down into a fully functional mini with a fully functional, fully thrashable nose and tail. This back-packed sized single kick is ideal for stashing under your desk at work or in your locker between classes. Bust it out for a quick ride to get coffee, or take it with you on your next weekend trip! The mini-cruiser thats Built To Skate, Not To Fake!

Whisky Burm

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We took all the features that made our Yoface line so popular, so poppy, and so strong and crammed them into a single kick shape. So basically we’ve taken all the features a pro-rider would want and put them into our single kick series. This is a board you can ride your first year skating, as well as your tenth!


The Modela was designed for Indy-style trucks. We recommend Indepedent 169mm, Polar Bear 155mm or SurfRodz Indeesz 169mm. As for wheels, it all depends on what you're looking for. If you are looking for a skateboard to push around the city on without much freestyle or park riding, we suggest sticking with the 66mm Premier Wheels or 64mm Five-O Classics. For hills and/or tech-sliding, we recommend something from the Five-O Series.