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Mountainboard MBS Colt 90 - Constellation

Mountainboard MBS Colt 90 - Constellation

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***USED DEMO*** MBS' Colt 90 is an amazing entry-level to intermediate board that allows thousands of new mountainboarders and kiters each year to have a blast as they progress from beginners to winners. This is true now more than ever with this year's Colt 90 including several important upgrades that allow its riders to advance a bit further before they're ready to upgrade their beloved Colt.

The Colt 90 features genuine MBS T1 tires with specially formulated high-rebound rubber and tube material with high-grade butyl rubber that helps reduce air loss and flats. Also featuring genuine MBS rubber-shielded 12x28mm bearings and Rockstar II hubs. The Colt 90X can be pushed harder than ever with its’ durable 12mm ATS axles and is compatible with the rest of the MBS line making upgrades down the road easy.

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