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Green Room 2

Green Room 2

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CORE Kiteboarding



Big wave hunter. And now, more sustainable.

You are the fortunate few that travel to or live near legendary wave spots and need something fast, nimble, and durable. Look no further than the Green Room 2, a bullet of a board that slices-n-dices double overheads with precision.

We fine-tune the rails, foil, and rocker for exceptional speed and agility on steep wave faces. It’s narrow in width and low in volume (23L+/-) to manage faster swells and more wind. Its rounded pintail design creates less lift and more bite on steep faces. Grab a Green Room and ride with newfound fearlessness.

So, what’s new? With a proven shape and a new stringer-less, EPS composite construction, the new board is tougher and lighter than ever. Now it incorporates sustainable materials like recycled plastic bottles and bio-resins to reduce its carbon footprint. That’s progress.

Is this board for me? This stick isn’t for everyone. But, if you ride overheads (and bigger) and prefer a narrower, faster, and more responsive surfboard that takes a little skill to ride then this is your board. If you surf fast swell or high winds this is your board. And if you plan on riding One Eye, this is really your board.

Sizes (Width | Thickness | Volume)

5'10’’: 17 1/2" | 2 1/8“ | Volume 22,7l

6'0’’: 17 3/4" | 2 1/4" | Volume 24,7l


All CORE Surfboards come with a Rear Traction Pad, Leash Plug, and FCS II fin boxes.


  • Hexagon HD Foam: Superior flex memory from higher density foam.
  • EPS Composite Sandwich: More ding resistant while improving flex.
  • Level One Verified Ecoboard: More sustainable materials for a better planet.
  • Big Wave Outline: Narrow width for extreme control on big waves.
  • Round Pin Tail: Sits deeper for better control at speed.
  • Pro Rocker: Progressive 3 stage rocker to manage bigger waves
  • 3D Hull: Single concave that transitions to a Vee tail.
  • Tucked Under Rails: Extreme grip and control in turns.
  • Strap-Ready: Your choice. Go strapless or add straps.
  • Blunt Nose: Safer. Easier to pack.
  • Thruster Fin Setup: Optimizes the balance between control and a loose, skatey feel.
  • Original FCS II System: The world standard in fin systems

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