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Rheos Reedy Sunglasses, Floating/Polarized/Nylon Optics

Rheos Reedy Sunglasses, Floating/Polarized/Nylon Optics

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The Rheos x Southern Tide Signature Series is made for everyone from water adventurers to laid-back beachgoers. Our men's frame, Reedy, combines sport and style with a medium to large wrap around frame for maximum wind and sun protection. From offshore fishing to the golf course, you'll sink putts not shades with our floating nautical eyewear.

Hard glasses case and patterned microfiber included with purchase while supplies last.

+ Unisex for all genders
+ Polarized NYLON lenses as clear as glass
+ 100% UV protection and polarization
+ Long-lasting comfort with featherlight frames
+ Floatable design for life on the water
+ Outstanding impact and scratch resistance
+ Backed by our Saltwater Promise

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