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Sensor 3S Pro Control Bar

Sensor 3S Pro Control Bar

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Feel. Control. Connect.

Witness next-level innovation, functional design, and clean esthetic in the carbon powered Sensor 3 Pro – with all the groundbreaking features of the Sensor 3 but built in a carbon fiber construction and with Tectanium Vario lines.

CARBON SOUL : Ultimate performance has a name: Sensor 3 Pro! 

The incredibly light and rigid carbon fiber composite reduces the bar's inertia, which in turn improves response and control. Kitesurfing has never been more precise!

TECTANIUM® VARIO LINES : Exclusively developed for CORE by Liros, the market leader in specialized aeronautical and sail cordage.

The no stretch Tectanium center and steering lines are 400% more resistant to elongation and feature an unbelievable 50% higher breaking strength. The 10% thinner lines are also noticeably more aerodynamic. Our adjustable length Tectanium lines let you fly your kite at 18, 20, 22, or 24 meters with its base 18m lines and 2 extensions.

AUTO UNTWIST : Twisted lines are a thing of the past.

Untwisting your front lines after looping your kite is as simple as pulling in the bar. Front line twists only occur below the Sensor 3 bar where a ceramic swivel unravels the front lines automatically. Another benefit is the sweet "between the fingers" comfort when your hand straddles the center lines due to the narrow width and coating of the front lines. Welcome to the era of auto untwist!

CIC RELEASE NEW! : Safe is good.

The heart of our new CORE Intuitive Connect Release is our push-out and easy click-back-in quick release. The red CIC Release cap is designed to provide a superior grip in emergency situations. And reconnecting the quick release is as simple as re-inserting the chickenloop end into the CIC mechanism until you hear it click in. CIC Release. Just release and click back in.

The Sensor 3 comes equipped with our standard triple ring. The triple ring is not only easy to hook your leash to but also allows you to easily attach a second leash while transferring the kite to a friend. We also include a wake style combo ring for experienced unhooked kiters. Do not use the combo ring unless you have advanced wakestyle skills. Product images show the combo ring.

Pro Bar comes with 24m Tectanium Vario lines (18+4+2m), standard loop/stick set, 52cm bar, Short Safety Leash, barbag & manual.

Pro Compact Bar comes with 24m Tectanium Vario lines (18+4+2m), standard loop/stick set, 45/39cm bar, Short Safety Leash, barbag & manual.