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F-One has a long history as a company focused on simple and clean product lines with excellent feel and performance. The Bandit has been the milestone of the F-One product family and has always been designed with the intention of putting it in the center of freeride category, maximizing its balance between multiple disciplines and attempting to create one of the largest spectrums of use with a single kite. Straddling the needs of surfing, generalist freeride and big air/mega looping freeride with one quiver of kites works for most people, but for other more niche focused kiteboarders the ‘one kite does it all’ approach forces implicit compromises between performance values.

While competitors were developing very specific targeted products that offered the advantage of specialization and hyper focus, last year, the F-One team decided they had pushed the single kite concept as far as it could go, and instead, the F-One R&D department built two different versions of the Bandit (the Bandit-S and the Bandit 2020) to cover the full range of surf/freeride kiteboarding. This means that historical Bandit fans will have to make a choice between two different kites, but it also means that the Bandit feel now has a discipline-specific fine-tuned option for every style of riding.

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