DEMO 2014 F-One Surf 5'11"

$ 450.00 $ 270.00

Brand F-One

Lightly used 2014 F-One Surf kiteboard 5'11"

The F-One Surf 5'11" boards is an excellent all around surf board that can be used with or without straps and in pure surf. To make the discipline even more accessible, F-One have optimized the design with Bamboo Deck, coupled with an easy and intuitive shape making it a perfect board to start surfing as well as an excellent strapless board for more experienced riders.

The 5’11’’ has a very easy and natural feel when initiating turns and provides quick response and a true surf feel.

With slightly more volume, the new 5’11’’ is more forgiving. Its rocker and single concave bottom ensure early planing and reassuring control at speed. These dimensions provide enough volume to smooth the learning of strapless riding and allows more experienced riders to try new tricks.

 For paddling surf, strapless kitesurfing or strapped kiteboarding, the F-One Surf 5'11 board will adapt to the conditions of wind or waves you will face.