Foxy Fossils Vertebracelet

Foxy Fossils

Foxy Fossils Vertebracelet

Raw, natural, unique and classy. This real fossil shark vertebrae features a beautiful and organic shark vertebrae that was found by Foxy Fossils in the creeks of Charleston, SC. This piece was handmade by Foxy Fossils as an exclusive one-of-a-kind bracelet that cannot be replicated or recreated. Not only does this bracelet include a prehistoric fossil that is millions of years old, but it also features genuine leather straps that are secured by a sleek, slide lock magnetic clasp that will be sure to stay on during your everyday activities.

These handmade fossil shark vertebrae bracelets are unique and original to Foxy Fossils jewelry designs. These beautiful leather bracelets are for both men and women. Each fossil vertebrae is hand-collected by Foxy Fossils in Charleston, SC and then delicately placed into each unique design. Bracelets are completed with a slide lock magnetic clasp for a sleek finished look.  Each bracelet represents TIMELESS beauty from prehistoric to present-day.

Fossil Shark Vertebrae+bracelets= Vertebracelets  



  • Natural light brown leather straps
  • Silver metal slider accents/details
  • Silver slide lock magnetic clasp that stays on!
  • Authentic fossilized shark vertebrae found by Foxy Fossils in Charleston
  • Measures approximately 7 1/2"