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A kiteboard-to-skateboard transfer? Just ask Nick Jacobsen

The coolest kiteboarder on planet earth is back with a fresh collection of stunts.

Is there anything Nick Jacobsen hasn't tried yet? Probably not. But after watching the following video, you'll figure out why the Danish is the ultimate kite punk.

Jacobsen shows us why kiteboarding is all about having fun. And he truly embraces the spirit of getting the most of a sport with a pinch of creativity and irreverence.

Obviously, the laid-back rider born in Taarbæk and raised in Cape Town is also one of the most talented and skilled kiteboarders in the world, which makes things even easier.

Kiteboard-to-Skateboard Transfers

In less than four minutes, the intrepid kitesurfer performs at least a dozen new tricks that will raise your eyebrows.

And that includes kiteboard-to-skateboard transfers, walking up walls while flying a kite, jumping onto small lighthouses, kite skating wall rides, and jumping over piers.

If you're still not convinced, you'll love his jump from a cement wall into a pole, and his flawless attempt at grinding a hand rail with a kite and a skateboard.

Nick Jacobsen is making kiteboarding fun again, and that's precisely what the wind sports world needs right now.

The cherry on top of the cake? Just watch him landing a handle pass without a leash. Truly outstanding. Please, do continue Mr. Jacobsen.

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