Black Friday first look!

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Black Friday first look!

Alright people, hold onto your butts. We're about to get real. 

Black friday paddle kite surf skate sale!

This Friday, come to the shop to get some crazy deals on some awesome gear. Here are a few examples*:

Our lightly demo'd 2015 Cabrinha Switchblade 9m with a bar and lines is only $899.

2015 Cabrinha Switchblade 9m Black Friday sale $899

While you're at it, grab a lightly demo'd 2015 Cabrinha Ace 135 for only $392!

2015 Cabinha Ace 135 kiteboard Black Friday sale $392

Or you could get a brand new 2015 Cabrinha Switchblade 9m for only $1019.25! That's down from the usual price of $1359! 

Other awesome kite deals: Demo 2015 F-One Bandit 10m with bar and lines, $919.50. Demo 2015 Naish Fly 15m with bar and lines, $1064.50. Demo 2016 Cabrinha FX 12m with bar and lines, $1014. NEW 2014 F-One Bandit 9m kite only, $644.50. NEW 2015 Slingshot RPM 12m kite only, $1124.25. NEW Core GTS3 10m kite only, $1011.75. ... And a ton more!!

Other awesome kiteboard deals: Demo 2014 F-One Acid Carbon 132 Complete, $431.55. Demo 2015 Slingshot Misfit 136 Complete, $379. NEW 2014 Axis Inferno 134 Complete, $279.98. NEW 2014 Xenon Laluz 129 Complete, $383. NEW 2015 Axis Vanguard 135 Complete, $561.75. NEW 2015 Litewave Kick S 135 Complete, $449.25. ... And many others!!

As an added bonus, If you get a kite, bar and lines, board, pump, and harness, you'll get a free Sealand Adventure Sports rashguard as well! 


In the mood for a paddleboard?

Our Riviera boards will be down 30%, meaning you can get an 11'6" for only $665, or a Turbo Nugg 9'2" for $836.50!

2015 Riviera 11'6" massive Black Friday sale2015 Riviera Turbo Nugg 9'2" massive Black Friday sale

Our Yolo boards will be 35% off. That's a 12' for only $705.25 or a 10'6" for just $640.25. Whaaaaaat?!?

2015 Yolo paddleboard massive Black Friday sale2015 Yolo paddleboard massive Black Friday sale

Also, our Axis Oak SUP/Surf 9'6" board will be down 40% ($756) and our 12' Bote is 45% off ($990)

But what about all that other great stuff in your store!?

Many other items, from skateboards to bikinis, will also be steeply discounted. And any full-priced items will be 15% off if you buy two or more full-priced items. This includes surf wax, sunscreen, sunglasses, 2016 wetsuits, and even little monkey keychain attachments. 


... SO, if all of your bodily functions are still intact after that awesomeness, come check out our shop on Friday, November 27th and get you some deals! OR check out our website on the following Monday for many of the same crazy deals online!


*By the way, all of the prices listed are before tax. I know, I know...