Presenting, the magnificent, magical, mind-melting ONEWHEEL

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Presenting, the magnificent, magical, mind-melting ONEWHEEL

Folks, we've got some big news. We just made friends with some incredible people. They are a group of electrical engineers who apparently spent the last few years watching Back to the Future, the X-Games, and Lords of Dogtown on repeat. Here's what they have to show for it:


"Uhhhhhhh, what!?" you're thinking. "Is that some sort of single-wheeled self-balancing mountain board with a super powerful and lightweight motor (capable of propelling the rider uphill and up to 15mph), a non-exploding battery with a range of 6+ miles and only 20mins charge time, and BRAKE LIGHTS!?"


The short answer? Yes.
The long answer? Yeeeeesssssss... Check out this page for more technical info on the OneWheel.


This badassery of an element will be available in the shop March 15! But don't wait...they will go...FAST.